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The site modification is finally finished and I hope that everyone likes the new look of the site and find navigating around much easier. I am always looking for more information to put onto the site from the modelling world so if there is anything that you think I should include on the site or any problems you are finding with the site, there are a number of different ways that you can contact me: You can send me a feedback form, or email me at or finally you can leave a message for me using the human click service which can be found at the bottom left of most pages.
This site mainly focuses on plastic model cars made by Revell and Airfix. there is also a large section on diecast model cars but unfortunatly that aera of the site is not finished yet. I also hope to soon be able to add a section for Italeri models.
On the site you will also be able to find paint charts for Revell and Humbrol Paints. There is also a page showing available airbrushes from Badger, however due to a problem with the affiliate programe the images and buy option are not working. I am hoping to reslove this problem soon.
The new Revell catalgoue 2001/02 is now available and can be bought online from (This site is in German)

Howdy! I am one of the team leaders of CabalArticles, a world-wide content writing group. We post in English and Spanish for multinational internet visitors, and are readily available for article content generation for your web page. Below you may find my curriculum vitae, and you'll also be able to read other team leaders and writers' resumes on this web page. At the bottom of my curriculum vitae, you'll look at some good examples of our published articles. For employment queries, please email us with the form on this site and we'll respond as soon as can be.

Curriculum Vitae
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Graduated With Special Honors from Belmont University
10 years of article writing experience (explicitly for Electronic visitors)
Great competency in Spanish and Latin
Devoted, team-oriented member of staff with a knack for details

Work Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Crew Manager
Answerable for setting up a worldwide team of authors to suit a demanding set of production goals.
- Set unprecedented records for productivity, increasing productivity by 20% around the world
- Accurately kept continuous records of work distribution
- Addressed QC for worldwide output over a considerable team of writers

Additional Skills

Competent in Spanish and Latin
Advanced skills with a extensive selection of office software

Samples of Published Articles

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